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Application Support

BotBerries helps students through the whole application submission process by clarifying confusions in real-time. Hence, you get to increase the number of applicants

Multi-Lingual Support

BotBerries can engage with students in multiple languages and build trust and confidence across a student's journey

Pre-admission Information

BotBerries answers all queries asked by prospective students on your website,FB Messenger,and WhatsApp automatically

Placement Assistant

ABotsLife will help your students with information regarding the upcoming placement activities, interview schedules, and give tips to ace those interviews as well.

Marketing integrations

ABotsLife lets you integrate your entire marketing campaign in a centralized manner,which results in a 200% increase in your student admission BotBerries through Conversational Narketing

Life At Campus

ABotsLife is the fastest way to keep students updated with the latest news and campus activities 24*7*365

Payment Support

ABotsLife makes it easy to answer student queries regarding tuition fees and other financial queries when they are making the payments.

Scholarship Assistant

AbotsLife will inform prospective and existing students on all available scholarships.

On-Campus Support

AbotsLife Al can help and support the students during medical, library, transport or class assignments

Alumni Assistant

Alumni engagement and assistance is key to your success. Hence, BotBerries is trained to address alumni Enquiries.